What is Studytracks

Studytracks is the award-winning innovation in education that takes the curriculum and puts it to music to drive engagement, retention and achievement in and out of the classroom. Over 350,000 students and teachers have joined the revolution, with more than 1500 songs and a wide range of subjects! Covering in the UK high and secondary school syllabus, in the US Grades 6-12 and in France Brevet and Bac

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“This is genius, I can't tell you how useful it will be for all students.”

-- Steven Mead, Teacher

Think about how easy it is to remember the chorus to Purple Rain by Prince or Umbrella by Rihanna… Now imagine if Students could remember Cell Structures in Biology or Key Themes from Romeo and Juliet like that? Well, now they can use Studytracks! The curriculum put to music.

Sample tracks

History of the Atom

y = mx + c

Romeo and Juliet

What our teachers say

  • We had several students sign up for AP Human Geography and used your program as part of their study. Good news, ALL STUDENTS passed the test!

    Vice Priniciple - Monrovia High California, shows the international compatibility of Studytracks

  • It’s great for our students because it’s an extra connection to their learning, it’s nice for our staff because there’s a sort of professional development element to it, and it’s nice to be involved with something that’s not just the straight old normal educational stuff.

    Deputy Head Teacher -The Gregg School, Southampton

  • Amazing app that brings a new edge to the educational system. The app feels more like it's tailored to this generation and really helps to communicate what the teachers want to teach to the students in a way that us as people were taught.

    Cloud Maverick

  • The best revision is little and often over a good period of time - this app allows you to do just that, it's brilliant!

    Deputy head, secondary school - Southampton

  • This is genius, I can’t tell you how useful it will be for all students.

    Teacher and parent - London

  • Studytracks is a very convenient way of revising and an innovative study tool.

    Teacher - Hampstead

What the students say

  • This is the best study tool that I've ever used! StudyTracks turn your subject into an easy way for you to remember and just like a lyrics of the music, since you remember it, never forget it!

    Matteo Gori

  • I feel this application is so comfortable to help student study everywhere they would like. The quality of record is extremely good and easy to understand. The range of subjects is also huge.

    Archie Preston

  • I love this app as it gives me a way to revise when I'm tired or not in the mood to make notes. It provides a new environment to learn and consolidates work done.


  • This app is amazing! It's saving my exams!!!


  • @hwells0126 @study_tracks Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much! You saved my History GCSE! Honestly, so an amazing app!

    Harry Wells

  • You need to download this app X

    Christine Adams

  • I thoroughly enjoy using this app because I think it's a good way for kids to study


  • I was really struggling this year with all my subjects and this has so far really helped. Thank you.

    Nyisha M

  • Well done. This is brilliant. I wish I had this when I was at school


  • I find it really helpful... I'm homeschoold and what I needed to learn I couldn't really find help with but I downloaded it and it's helping me so far


  • Brilliant idea! Our education system needs a revolution and this is a step in the right direction. So many bright kids get left behind because the system doesn’t suit them. We need more initiative ways of bringing learning, stories, algebra to life in practical ways! Love this guy x

    Hannah Y

  • I have always said I remember the lyrics to thousands of songs but revision never used to stick, I hope people take advantage of this.

    Clare C

  • I’ve always got my phone with me so now I can use this on the train into town, it’s so convenient.

    Student 15 - Cardiff